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...and Help Flood-Devastated Areas

The first day of May is Replant Australia Day. Volunteers will open their rooms, local community hall, etc, and flood-affected garden owners can come in and collect plants or packets of seeds to kick-start their gardens.

Once the devastated communities have dealt with the clean-up and started to re-establish their towns, schools, homes, church yards, etc, it will be then that the loss of their flowers, vegi gardens, etc, will become apparent.

It is then (around April) that we hope to be able to deliver plants to these areas that fellow gardeners have prepared from cuttings and seeds from their own gardens or friends gardens to help Replant Australia.

Many of us do not have a lot of money to donate or ability to go to the towns and help with the clean-up, but we have plants in our gardens, some empty pots, can afford some potting mix and can prepare and care for these plants until their new homes are ready to receive them.

We have friends who are in the transport industry ready to help us deliver these plants and seeds free of charge to the different areas. I am currently talking with QCWA to arrange the CWA ladies and their rooms as the drop-off points for collection and can help to have these products delivered to CWA rooms or churches in flood devastated towns. We will then hold a Replant Australia Day on 1st May when people can come in and collect plants at no cost.

These could be pots of mint, parsley, geranium cuttings, anything you as a gardener like because then another gardener will gain pleasure. Recipients will appreciate the healing benefits that plants provide through their beauty, their supply of food, etc.

If you don't have a green thumb, then buy a packet or two of seeds and we can send them to the communities as well.

Michelle Stevens
Replant Australia Co-ordinator



Now until 26 April – strike your plants, grow seedlings, buy packets of seeds

26–30 April – Coordinate pick up and delivery of plants and seeds from designated areas

1 May – QCWA branches and other groups to have the Replant Australia Day.


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